hahah whats art

Marina | 18 | f | USA

hello!! this is an art blog!i draw animals and sometimes fanart and stuff. my main blog is aceloki

doodely i did for someone on twitter from the prompt “bigfoot” uhuhu

character ref for karin

not outfitted because. she changes her outfit every day?? shes a Real Human

some laina doodles from the new tablet aaaahhh

featuring karin also

im going to fix the torso on the last one tomorrow but hhhh im so tired and i have more to post

process pics i guess?? idk i had a lot of screenshots of this one


hot dad and emo prince teen mom do tactical. probably while karin and merilaina make out or something i dont know lainas bad at tactical and karin doesnt like it

oke for real this time. stuff i’ve been doing. ocs. space gays. echo. yeah.

lets just try that all over again

where did that one come from?? thats old omfg i think i accidentally clicked it oop

character based on colors and stuff from a friend. i dont know if i’ll use her. i’ll try but idk where she’ll fit in hmm

something else i drew earlier today. outfit ideas i guess

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